ABOUT Maya Digital Media

Maya Digital Media is a performance driven Digital Marketing Agency with years of experience in setting up and managing Online Marketing Campaigns.

Our Partnership with Google, Bing and Facebook means we are supported and audited by these Advertising platforms.

Maya Digital Media was founded in 2016 by a group of Online Marketing Consultants who believe in putting the customer’s interests first. The Digital Marketing space has had an unfortunate reputation over the years with Advertising Agencies not being as transparent¬†as they should be.

We believe in building long term relationships with our customers, which is why our Business Model is to have complete transparency. Maya Digital Media’s customers spend their marketing budget directly with the Online Marketing Platform such as Google AdWords, Facebook for Business or Bing Advertising.

Additionally, our Call Tracking Technology can track and record all inbound leads generated from all original sources such as Google, SEO, Bing, Facebook, any Directory listings, or any other sources your business might have back-links or inbound traffic from.

Talk to us today about how Maya Digital Media’s Call Tracking Service can help you understand the true Return of Investment of your Online Marketing.